White Paper: Call Deflection Tactics for Success

Download the white paper to learn how to use two-way messaging and communication automation flows to reduce inbound calls, increase customer satisfaction and maximize contact center efficiency.


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The most effective call deflection tactics for the era of messaging

The word 'deflection' might bring to mind negative connotations - diverting problems and avoiding customer contact. But, companies that deflect calls by providing channel choice and pre-empting customer problems deliver a better experience, improve retention rates, and reduce operational costs.

In this white paper, we look at how contact centers are able to deflect inbound calls to communicate through channels like WhatsApp, RCS and Apple Business Chat. These are the new generation of two-way messaging channels that enable customers to find the answers they need without calling the contact center.

  • Deflect inbound calls to cost-efficient digital channels
  • Leverage AI and virtual assistants to provide self-service solutions
  • Stop preventable calls through proactive two-way messaging & notifications