Reducing Call Volumes using Call Deflection, Automation & AI

Dan Garner SVP Solutions, IMImobile

Sandra Schroeter VP of Product Marketing, IMImobile

The global health crisis is significantly impacting contact centers. At one extreme, contact volumes have increased massively as customers and citizens react to their changed personal circumstances; whereas, at the other extreme, many contact centers have stopped ‘live’ activity.

While active operations are trying to cope with today’s demand, others are starting to prepare for the expected surge in activity once normality resumes. Both will benefit from technologies and tactics that increase capacity and reduce cost to serve while also improving the customer experience. In-queue deflection combined with AI chatbots and customer journey automation help resolve customer inquiries quickly and effectively while minimizing the need to contact a human agent.

This webinar with Dan Garner and Sandra Schroeter looks at the technology and tactics to support current and future customer demands through IVR call deflection, automation and AI.

Watch the webinar to learn:

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